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Dr. Walinski

Dr. Walinski is a founder of the WCLI as well as an author, instructor and innovator in laser dentistry. He is currently the Executive Director of the WCLI.

Letter from the Editor

It was 14 years ago that a group of dental professionals, galvanized by the possibilities of dental lasers, came together to form the World Clinical Laser Institute (WCLI). Back in Y2K, dental laser technology was just emerging. Dental lasers showed exceptional promise, but protocols and clinical efficacy were not well defined – or accepted – by many in dentistry.

But the founders of the Institute were steadfast in their vision to advance dental care through the use of laser technology. And their message has resonated on a global scale. It is in no small part to their contributions that laser dentistry today is no longer considered new or experimental. Lasers are now being used by dentists all over the world, and the WCLI has grown into the largest group of its kind with members on six continents.

Despite the impressive growth of the use of lasers and our professional organization, I am continually surprised by the overall lack of general awareness about what our membership has understood for years: the very real clinical benefits of dental lasers in practice.

And that’s why we created the Journal of Laser-Assisted Dentistry (JLAD). It is a new initiative by the WCLI to share the excitement and advancements taking place in laser dentistry with our peers. We have committed to publishing JLAD on a quarterly basis, and I am proud of the efforts of our Editorial Advisory Board, contributing editors and staff. We are a newly formed team!

In this, our first issue, we’ve endeavored to create a balanced, peer-reviewed publication that combines noteworthy research, analyses and summaries of current research, along with practical advice and profiles of leaders in laser dentistry – including one of WCLI’s founding members, Dr. Robert Miller.

We hope you enjoy our inaugural issue. If you have suggestions for improving our publication or would like to contribute in other ways, please contact me by email at

Christopher J. Walinski, DDS
Editor & Executive Director of the WCLI

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